From the beginning of the nineties, we have been successfully active in the areas of the study, supervision and construction of business premises as well as individual homes.
Over the last few years, our office having crystallized the final form of its composition, settled into new offices at Matrozou 32, in the Filopappou neighboorhood adjacent to the Acropolis.
With very capable executives in its workforce and under the guidance of its owner and leader of the working group Thomas Patelis, an interior architect, it is now active in complex projects of significant size.

The customers who trusted our creative vision and our effectiveness include franchises, companies and individuals who entrusted us with showrooms, building complexes, foodservice establishments, retail shops and exhibition stands.

Our philosophy has always been a broad creative thinking that avoids standardization, the diversity of interests that excludes staticity, the connection of the study and the adaptation of the final cost with the ideas and financial capabilities of the customer and the absolutely demarcated time of construction and completion of the project.

Committed to the quality and integrity of our services, we walk with vigor on new paths and we believe that as worthy assistants of our customers, we pursue a position of a competent and reliable partner next to them.

QUAD design
QUAD design

Interiors Arhitecture

  • 32 Matrozou st, Filopappou
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